What is Birdseye?

Birdseye fabric is a fabric with a special type of weave. By weaving in a small, repetitive pattern you create diamond shaped stitching which resembles the eye of a bird. This leads to its eye catching pattern which made it popular in fashion, mostly through men’s suits. What makes birdseye weave great is it creates a lightweight, soft and breathable fabric meaning when applied as a cloth nappy they absorb well and are quick to dry.

The fabric’s application as a cloth nappy is a popular go to cloth nappy system in North America so we decided bring the option across the pond with the BrightBots Birdseye Flat Nappies.

Bright Bots Birdseye Flat Nappies

Presented in a generous 70x70cms sizing, Bright Bots Birdseye Flat Nappies are 100% cotton. These flat nappies are trim fitting, economical and wonderfully easy to use. Being 100% cotton also means they are robust for constant washing, at high temperatures and tumbled dried.

Using a birdseye flat is very simple. The 70cms Square can be folded in the same folds as you would a traditional terry nappy but with less bulk. Or they can be pad-folded into a PUL wrap or inserted into a pocket nappy. They can be used from birth making the perfect fitting trim newborn cloth nappy.

By adding boosters (Bright Bots 100% Bamboo Terry Boosters) into the folds these flats can be used throughout the day and adapted to last as a system until potty training.

The Bright Bots Birdseye flats also make a great choice for cloth nappies on holiday. You will find that they take up little space in your luggage, are easy to hand wash and quick to dry.