MuslinZ 3 Pack Organic Cotton Muslin Squares 70x70cm


Pack of 3

70×70 cms

100% Organic Cotton MuslinZ muslin squares



MuslinZ 3pk Organic Cotton Muslin Squares. Use for nappies, swaddling, burping, lightweight baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding, crib sheet, changing mat cover, shade, play mat, bath towel etc. Muslins are useful for newborns when swaddling and later on as a lightweight cover in a pram, something to throw over the shoulder or a security blanket! Made from 100% Organic Cotton muslin so breathable, soft and durable. The more you wash the softer they get. Perfect as a baby shower gift, part of a baby hamper or to put in your hospital bag.

Exclusive designed by MuslinZ in the UK and manufactured in Oeko-Tex and ISO certified factory. MuslinZ is a registered brand.

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