MuslinZ 3 Pack Muslin Squares 70x70cm


3 pack of mixed muslin squares

70cm x 70cms

100% Cotton

Presented in a MuslinZ Gift Box or MuslinZ Band

Mint Star ComboMint Star ComboMint Star ComboSealifeSealifeSealifeViolet Star ComboViolet Star ComboViolet Star ComboWoodlandWoodlandWoodlandBlue ComboBlue ComboBlue ComboGreen ComboGreen ComboGreen ComboPink ComboPink ComboPink ComboYellow ComboYellow ComboYellow Combo


3pk Muslin Squares, 70cm x 70cm. Presented in a MuslinZ pillow gift box with viewing windows or MuslinZ band.

Made from 100% cotton, our Muslinz are ultra-absorbent and wonderfully soft for your Babys delicate skin.  Use for nappies, swaddling, burping, baby blanket, shielding when breastfeeding.

Machine Washable. Softness increases after every wash.

Available in various colour and pattern combinations.


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