MuslinZ 3 Pack Cotton Dribble Bibs


3 Pack Cotton Dribble Bibs by MuslinZ – Absorbent, quick to dry and not bulky around the neck.

Made from 100% Cotton Muslin – 2 Layer

Available in 7 colour combinations

Mint Star ComboMint Star ComboViolet Star ComboViolet Star ComboWhiteWhiteBlue ComboBlue ComboCustomCustomGreen ComboGreen ComboPink ComboPink ComboYellow ComboYellow Combo


3pk Muslin Cotton Dribble Bibs. Made from 2 layers of 100% cotton muslin fabric. Soft on babies skin, very absorbent and quick to dry. A dribble bib made from muslin is less bulky, has great absorbency and will be naturally drying when being worn. This helps avoid chaffing and a sore neck and chin. Matches perfectly with MuslinZ Muslin Squares. A great new baby gift or baby shower gift. Designed in the UK and manufactured in Oeko-Tex and ISO certified factory. MuslinZ is a registered brand.

Available in 8 Combo’s: Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Mint, Violet, White & Customised.

Yellow Combo: 1 x Yellow, 1 x Yellow/Green Spot, 1 x White

Green Combo: 1 x Green, 1 x Yellow/Green Spot & 1 x White

Blue Combo: 1 x Blue, 1 x Blue/Green Spot & 1 x White

Pink Combo: 1 x Pink, 1 x Pink/Green Spot & 1 x White

Mint Star Combo: 1 x Mint, 1 x Mint/Grey Spot & 1 x Mint/Grey Star

Violet Star Combo: 1 x Violet, 1 x Violet/Grey Spot & 1 x Violet/Grey Star

White: 3 x White

Custom Packs: Please attach a message with colours required.


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