MuslinZ Washable Cloth Nappy Set – SIZE 2 (6m-Potty)


Set Includes:

2 x Size 2 wraps + 6pk MuslinZ prefolds

approx. 6 months – 30 months or potty training. (Can also be used with 60cm and 70cms terries)

Adjustable poppers for best fit

Front and back flap to hold inserts

Double gusset design for extra security

Elasticated back and legs

Made with quality PUL

6 Pack MuslinZ Prefolds – size 2 – Infant White
12×17 inches (before washing), 4-6-4 layered




Includes two MuslinZ size 2 nappy wraps and a pack of six white size 2 prefolds.

A simple and easy to use Nappy System. Just padfold the prefold and put into the flaps.  Also can be used with a muslin or terry in a terry fold with a nappy nippa or with a preflat or teeflat.

Made with quality PUL in our Oeko-Tex certified factory.

Size 2 wrap is from approx. 6 months – approx. 30 months or potty training. Just padfold the chosen inner and place under the flap at the front and back of the wrap to hold in place and fasten the wrap with the adjustable poppers. This wrap has a double gusset design so gives that extra space for inners and the extra security against leaks. With an elasticated back of the wrap and around the legs the wrap is comfortable and well fitting. This wrap has the same design features as the size 1 with added benefit of one rise adjustment so it will grow with your child. Use this wrap with the size 2 prefolds or  60cm and 70cms terries.

Soft and absorbent 100% cotton white muslin prefolds. A Pack of 6 size 2 – infant 12×17 inches 4-6-4 layer.  Easy to use by padfolding into the MuslinZ wrap. Small and very trim. Can be used later as a booster or in a trainer pant for extra protection. Wash  before use to increase absorbency – 40c.


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