MuslinZ Washable Nappy Wrap – SIZE 1


Size 1 wrap, newborn – approx. 6 months.

Adjustable poppers for best fit

Front and back flap to hold inners

Double gusset design for extra security

Elasticated back and legs

Made with quality PUL

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Muslinz Nappy Wrap Size 1 is perfect from newborn – approx. 6 months

Use with MuslinZ products such as the size 1 prefolds, 50cms terry squares or folded 70cms muslin squares.

MuslinZ wraps have a double gusset design to give that extra space for inners and the extra security against leaks. The elasticated back of the wrap and around the legs is comfortable and well fitting.

Made with quality PUL from the USA in our Oeko-Tex certified factory.

Available in Mint/Grey Star, Blue Star, Pink Star, Yellow/Green Star, Woodland, Sealife and White.


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