Bright Bots 100% Cotton Birdseye Flat Nappies 70x70cm

Bright Bots Cotton Birdseye Flats


Cotton Birdseye flat nappies 70x70cm

  • 100% Cotton Birdseye fabric .
  • Pack of 6 cotton Birdseye flat nappies.
  • 70x70cm – “One-Size” fits all.
  • Available in White or Natural (Unbleached).

Birdseye fabric is a trim fabric that washes easily, is absorbent and dries very quickly as well as feel soft and comfortable for baby.



Bright Bots 100% cotton Birdseye flat nappies 70x70cm are super slim and kind of magic! Incredibly absorbent, quick drying, lovely and soft.

  • 100 % cotton Birdseye weave.
  • Pack of 6 flat nappies.
  • Available in White or Natural (Unbleached).
  • “One-Size”. Each nappy is 70x70cm prior to wash and is one layer thick. One-size fits all.

Birdseye fabric is a trim, absorbent fabric that washes easily, dries very quickly, and is soft and comfortable for baby. Perfect for a newborn baby. Birdseye weave has a diamond shaped pattern in the material. This tightly woven material provides superior durability and absorbency.

  • Flat nappies are the most cost effective cloth diapering alternative.
  • Fast drying on your cloths line or in your dryer. An environmentally responsible choice.
  • Just use Terry Square folds with a nappy fastener and put a wrap over or padfold into a wrap.
  • Our cotton Birdseye flat nappies can be doubled up for extra absorbency or used with a booster for older babies
  • Traditional nappies made of soft 100% cotton with a Birdseye weave.

Birdseye fabric is more than just a cloth nappy! Great as dish towels, burp cloths and as cleaning and polishing cloths.


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