Bright Bots 6 Pack Coloured Terry Squares – 60x60cm


A pack of six Bright Bots Washable Coloured Terry Squares for Bright Bots everywhere.

Made from 100% Cotton

Available in Unisex, Boys & Girls Combo

Blue MixBlue MixBlue MixPink MixPink MixPink MixUnisexUnisexUnisex


Bright Bots Terry nappies are a fantastic, eco-friendly, easy option to start out with on your reusable nappy journey! They wash well, dry quick, they’re absorbent and kinder on the skin (goodbye nappy rash!) and most importantly don’t harm the planet. Even when your little one is out of nappies they make great kitchen towels, dusters and can even be used for polishing a car!

Our 60cm x 60cm sizing is perfect if you’re thinking of using your nappies from birth to potty training. The sizes can be easily adjusted by the type of nappy fold you choose.

Made from 100% Cotton.

Size: 60cm x 60cm

Available in Unisex, Boys & Girls Combo


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