Muslinz 3 Pack Muslin Squares in Gift bag 70x70cm


100% cotton 3pk of muslin squares. Various Colours combos available.

Presented in a Voile Gift bag

WhiteWhiteBlue ComboBlue Comboblue/white/blueblue/white/blueBlue Bird/White/SpotBlue Bird/White/SpotCustomCustomGreen ComboGreen ComboGreen/Spot/BlueGreen/Spot/BlueGreen/Spot/PinkGreen/Spot/PinkGreen/Spot/YellowGreen/Spot/YellowGreen/White/BlueGreen/White/BlueGreen/White/GreenGreen/White/GreenGreen/White/PinkGreen/White/PinkPink ComboPink Combopink/White/pinkpink/White/pinkPink Bird/White/SpotPink Bird/White/SpotYellow ComboYellow ComboYellow/White/GreenYellow/White/Greenyellow/white/yellowyellow/white/yellowYellow Bird/White/SpotYellow Bird/White/Spot


A pack of 3 70cms x 70cms muslin squares. 100% Cotton Available in a choice of colours: Green/White/Green Spot, Pink/White/Pink Spot, Blue/White/Blue Spot, Yellow/White/Yellow Spot, Green/White/Pink, Green/White/Blue, Yellow/White & Yellow/White/Green


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