AppleCheeks Multi-Purpose MiniZip


Applecheeks Mini Zippered storage sac is available in Totally Narly, Petal Faster, Tinkle Tinkle, Llama Nation, IceBreaker and Who cars? .  Size 9″high/6″wide and prefect for daily outings

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Perfect for storing wet/soiled nappies when your out and about. Can also be used for storing clean nappies, wipes, spray, baby essentials and pacifiers. Designed to keep odour and moisture in and preserve a controlled environment for your soiled cloth diapers between washes. Mini bag is 9″ high/ 6″ wide and perfect for daily outings. Just throw it in your diaper bag and transport with ease!. These Sacs wash up like a dream so just throw them into your wash load right along with your cloth diapers, and then hang to dry. What could be easier?


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